Cooling the intake air temperature using automatic water spray

Spraying water on the intercooler allows you to quickly drop the intake air temperature. Ordinary intercooler water spray works when you push the button. It distracts from driving and consumes water inefficiently.

The IMYAQA controller automatically sprays water on the intercooler based on data outside temperature, inlet temperature and engine load. Thus, the intercooler cools quickly and efficiently, with minimal water consumption.

For best results, the controller uses additional pre-and post-spraying modes. They are triggered before and after the main mode to slow the temperature rise when heated sharply and quickly cool the intercooler after heating.


The controller has 3 modes for different purposes. In all modes, you can specify your settings. This makes the intercooler water spray individual and increases the cooling efficiency.

For example, a sport mode is suitable for a rally. At the moment when the intercooler is very hot, and the load on the engine is maximum, the controller will turn on the constant spraying. The rest of the time, the controller will spray water on the intercooler depending on the difference between the outside air temperature and the intake air temperature.

Auto mode is suitable for a trip in a hot city, when the outside temperature is above 30, and the car can not pick up speed to blow the intercooler well. The controller will spray water on the intercooler based on the data outdoor temperature, intake temperature and engine load, and at traffic lights, when spraying water is inefficient – the controller will turn on the fan.

The display shows the intake air temperature, the outside air temperature, the amount of water in the tank and the current mode. Using the intake air temperature data, it is possible to estimate how much the intercooler heats up and how effectively the cooling occurs.

Details about the installation and configuration of the controller can be read in the manual. We tried to make the manual simple and understandable, but if you still have any questions you can always contact us.

Intelligent algorithm
Three modes
Display the intake air temperature
Manual spray button
Fan control

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