IMYAQA DCCD Controller

Automatic control of DCCD or center differential automatic transmission VTD

Automatic mode

In addition to the manual mode, the controller has an automatic mode. It is more convenient to use, because you do not need to think when and how to turn the lock  wheel – the controller itself controls lock DCCD, making different decisions about the lock for each section of the road. This improves handling, the car is responsive to the steering wheel. Also it increases the safety of the trip.

Automatic mode has 5 configurable for different tasks. They can be switched between themselves while driving, in order to respond to changes in road conditions. Two default settings are “winter” and “summer” for slippery and dry roads respectively. These settings will be enough if you are not a professional athlete.

Here is an example of turning in automatic mode. Of course, the lock level will always be different, as the controller takes into account many factors when making decisions.

Automatic mode itself sets the necessary lock level, providing maximum handling

Automatic mode itself sets the necessary lock level, providing maximum handling

Individual setting

If you do not have enough of those modes that are already there, you can configure all the maps yourself. Each controller setup has 5 maps and 5 options for full customization for your driving style, weather or motorsport. To configure the controller, connect it to a Windows laptop or tablet using a USB cable.


The controller for the third year takes part in the competition for rally, drifting and drag racing.

Easy installation and technical support

To install the controller you need to connect only 5 wires. Additionally, you will need a relay and fuse. If something is not clear, technical support will always help. We answer all questions in any convenient way: whats’app, facebook or email.

Technical specifications:
5 configurable maps
Control DCCD
Control of center differential automatic transmission VTD
Mode or level lock display on the controller
Control wheel on the front panel
The ability to control with factory AUTO Manu Button and Scroll Wheel DCCD
The ability to control with factory Si-Drive Switch Control
Ability to use DCCD Indicator from Cluster Speedometer
The ability to switch maps while driving

US $399 via PayPal
Free shipping with tracker


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Read more about IMYAQA DCCD Controller in the manual.