1 – One of the main advantages is the openness of the creator of this device. The controller has no secrets, it gives maps for editing and customization.

2 – The ability to customize maps for driving style greatly simplifies life in a race, besides there are ready-made options that simplify life.

3 – Connecting the controller is easy, everything is very logical and understandable. Yes, and you can always ask for the scheme. 🙂

Minuses: 1 – Maybe I’m a butterfingers, but the wires seemed to be short. Maybe you need to make a connector in the kit.

Comment: Thanks to Ilya for his contribution to the control of the central diff of DCCD. A lot became clear after talking with him.

I would like to note the progress of this product. He has changed a lot over the past 2 years visually for the better; small but nice pieces have been added.

Khabarovsk, Russia
Subaru Impreza GD Rally edition
IMYAQA DCCD Controller en


Pluses: Easy installation.
Connection to the dashboard.
Several maps and the possibility of their correction.

Minuses:  Did not reveal

Comment:I thought for a long time, which controller to choose for a new box with a DSSD.
I do not have ABS, and the St. Petersburg controller reads the speed from the ABS.

I also liked that Ilya (the creator of this device) is a sociable person and is always ready to answer questions on the installation, the use of the controller and others.

Khabarovsk, Russia
Subaru impreza gga 6mt
IMYAQA DCCD Controller en


Pluses: Driving is intuitive and simple. As it should be.

Minuses:  I can not even imagine anything. Well thought – just can not.

Comment: I own this product for a year now. Ilya did his best. The logic of the work is very predictable. In auto mode on a snow porridge, the forester drives along the circular traffic like Plushenko in the stadium. 🙂 Logically and not forcedly add gas and turn the steering wheel in the right direction. In doing so, I have nothing to help the controller. No abs. There are no steering sensors and other assistants. The controller needs an empty car, for installation there is everything you need from the sensors in the kit. It is also possible to switch the operating modes of the controller between “winter” and “summer” (with a larger lock interaxle coupling). And a few free cells, if desired, you can write down their own behavior programs. Also, the controller can operate in manual mode by pressing one key. Installation took 4 hours slowly. Very satisfied.

Тираныч (
Novosibirsk, Russia
Subaru Forester Type-RA STI
IMYAQA DCCD Controller en


Pluses: Everything works just fine! Pleases the having SEVERAL setting blocks for different tasks!
Minuses: The button and dccd wheel alone are very difficult to find … This is certainly not a drawback of the system itself, but it may make sense to make its own firm?))
Comment: Special thanks for setting for drag racing!

Novosibirsk, Russia
Subaru Legacy BE
IMYAQA DCCD Controller en


Pluses: Easy installation and switching modes. You can fill in the maps and edit according to the needs
Minuses: Not yet found
Comment: It was not possible to compare with standard control units, but when switching between modes, the difference is felt immediately. I wanted to go sideways, or I had to go on rails – everything is possible.

Novyy Urengoy, Russia
Subaru impreza gc8 6mt
IMYAQA DCCD Controller en
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