Download Manual-IMYAQA-DEW.pdf

Modes information:

Standard. The easiest and most economical mode.

Water spraying on the intercooler occurs when the intake air temperature and the load on the engine are higher than the values set by the user. It does not have additional options to maintain the temperature.

Auto. For everyday driving.

Spraying water occurs at a temperature difference: outside air and air intake. The greater the difference, the more intense the water spraying. This saves water and accelerates the cooling of the intake air temperature.

It has additional options for maintaining the temperature: pre-spraying and post-spraying.  They are triggered before and after the main mode to slow the temperature rise when heated sharply and quickly cool the intercooler after heating. For example, during a sharp acceleration of a car, the intercooler is sprayed with a small amount of water before heating, and after acceleration it is periodically sprayed with water depending on the heating temperature.

Sport. For motorsport.

By default, the controller is in standby mode. When pressing the control button, the controller starts water spraying of the intercooler with pulses, the length of the pulses and pauses between them depends on the difference in outside air temperature and intake air  temperature.

Constant watering will turn on when the engine is heavily loaded, regardless of the other parameters. Permanent watering will turn off when the engine load decreases. Press the control button to turn off spraying.